001             Atsushi Takenouchi Intensive JINEN Butoh workshop in Ibiza.

                                         8th until 13th of September 2015

                               “Making Connections: JINEN, Body and Oneself ”

All life was born from the earth. Originally, humans danced on the ground of the Earth. It is important to find out and be conscious that our body is a part of this huge circulation. We will work on our body movements to recognise the connection between nature/environment and oneself through JINEN Butoh training.

Atsushi will guide us on how to create dance from this awareness, which will enable us to know we can change all the environment into dance.
During this workshop, we will explore body gravity, movement and balance, imaging body, transformation by internal and external states, visibility and invisibility, various ways of walking, conscious and unconscious movement and create a dialogue between body and environment through basic Butoh practice.

Then, we can feel the connection between our body and nature, and also experience the environment as part of our body. We will discover how the body movement arises and becomes dance.
We dance with trees and flowers, earth and sky, wind and fire, sea wave, stars, sun and moon: let’s dance with all nature environments.
The class will be accompanied by live music made by Hiroko Komiya.

What is JINEN

Jinen is an old Japanese word. Its meaning encompasses ALL that is even larger than nature. In the West, “Man” exists above “Nature,” and maintains and protects it. Above Man, there is “God”. In other words, there is a separation between Nature, Man and God. Jinen expresses the perception of the universe before such a separation occurred. In ALL things there lives god. God is the “Flow of the River of the Universe” that embraces the sun and moon, and the earth that is the origin of the birthing of all Nature including Man. God lives within man, plants, animals, even in man-made things like houses. Jinen is the word that describes the universe, its origin and natural course. All things connect to this river and are part of the Jinen river.

Jinen Butoh binds together ALL that is life, that is already dancing: to dance with the flow of the universe that is Jinen. We remove the wall of consciousness that perceives dance as the individual ” I ” dancing. We are dancing with, and are danced by , the Jinen, accepting all the environment and conditions around us as Jinen.

Text By Atsushi Takenouchi.

Target Group

This intensive is open to anyone who loves nature and would like to experience the dance of nature within themselves.
People with an interest in movement, body workers, dancers, but also people with restricted movement possibilities are welcome to participate.
Depending on the weather conditions, we will be holding outdoor workshops which involve walking on specific sites for Dancing. If you have any question, please ask in advance.