Teachers& organisers

 Atsushi Takenouchi

Atsushi joined Butoh dance company “Hoppo-Butoh-ha” in Hokkaido in 1980. His last performance with the company “Takazashiki”(1984) was worked on by Butoh-founder Tatsumi Hijikata.

Atsushi started his own “Jinen Butoh” since 1986 and created solo works “Itteki”, “Ginkan” as a universal expression of nature, earth, and ancient times as well as impressions based on the moment whilst meeting with diverse people and environment.

He worked on a 3 years “JINEN” tour project throughout Japan for 600 specific sites improvisations (1996-1999). Throughout this time, he started to be inspired by a spirit of the universe of Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno. Since 2002, he has been mainly based in Europe, working on Butoh dance collaboration projects with dancers and actors in France, Poland, United States and other countries. He took part in several festivals such as Avignon festival, Paris Butoh festival, NY Butoh festival where he has been presenting his solo piece. Along side, he collaborates with films. The recent work in Alaska and Hawaii, “Ridden by nature” environmental art film will be completed soon.Jinen driftwood Hokkaidoo 1i.ph by Studio VALOS_c

Hiroko Komiya

musician / object sound, percussion, voice 

hiroko-102 by Georges Karam_R

Hiroko Komiya expresses the sound from the air, space, movements, inner body, memory and transforms into the sound without bound melody or rhythm. Plays object sounds; stone, water, sea shells, toys, daily life objects and percussion; metal bowls, bells and voice. Her musical idea is to remind us there is subtle hidden voice and whispering of each object/material themselves around us.  She let them out in resonance with respect for them. Her sounds are said as if it’s blowing a new life into the objects, and her expression evokes new sensation to the breath or movement of listeners. As for the voice, her voice arises from inner body and brings back our lost memories.
Since 1999, she’s been working with Butoh dance performance and workshop of Atsushi Takenouchi as musician. Since then, all his works and live performances are created and played by her live music. Being based in Europe since 2002, toured with performance, project and concert in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Greece, UK, Holland, U.S.A, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentine, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Japan, etc…
As well as dance, she collaborates with film makers, sculptors, painters, poets, story tellers, costume designers, various artists and performers for exhibition, installation, concerts and performances.

Natalia  López Santa Cruz  (Argentina-Baleares-Catalunya)


Her training began when she was 7 with Classical dance then with contemporary dance and jazz. Qualified Teacher in Kundalini Yoga, she arrives in Barcelona in 1999.

Natalia trained with Jessica Walker at the Laboratory School of Dramatic Corporal expression (2004- 2014) with whom she experiences her method: creating the essence, perceiving the stage as sacred space and performs several solos, duos as well as several collective shows.


She gets to know about Butoh with Minako Seki in Germany in 2004, fall in love with this Dance and dive into it.

Carrying on practicing and creating with Atsushi Takenouchi with whom she deepens this discipline through various intensives, re discovering the Beauty of dance in full immersion with nature.

The work continues with  Yumiko Yoshioka, Yuko Kaseki, Carla Lobos, Yuko Waguri, Nobuyoshi Asai,Ken Mai y Daisuke Yoshimoto amongst others.

In the field of performance: physical theatre and dance are practiced with Jessica Walker, Daniel Lepkoff, Gabriel Foristieri, Shahar Dor, Sebastian García Ferro, Ramon Roig y Jules Beckman.

Press and production work in Barcelona at Butoh Festival (2010-2014)


Participating at the Ibiza Contact Festival since 2010 as well as various festivals organised by the Inspiral team. This inspiring, creative and expansive three weeks process have proved to be an essential step each summer .

Nathalia Ophele (France- Baleares- New Mexico)


Nathalia’s background focuses on Visual Arts & events management. She is currently collaborating with several Spiritual retreat centres and learning massages.

Discovering and living on the Island of Ibiza for a few years has enabled a deep reconnection with nature and has opened spaces for further exploration about staged creations, music & movements.

This ongoing process has evolved from a clown workshop with Eric de Bonts which was an absolute breakthrough to diving into sound healing with Laor Oman Naharin and Maurice Willems.

The regular practice of the 5 rhythms Dance (Adam Barley, Visuda de los Santos, Lucie Nerot), the discovery of the Universal Dance Peace gatherings and the opportunity to work at the Ibiza Contact Improvisation festival last year has deepened a desire to explore Dance.

Re learning day by day that we are hands, feet and Heart more than our mind is an every day journey where the dance takes us back. Ever since we were around the Earth, we have sang and danced through rituals honouring the depth of life & human nature.

Jinen Butoh is a faithful translation of this quest to reconnect with the Roots.

‘I was absolutely mesmerised by the work of Atsushi & Hiroko from the moment I saw the participants performing in Switzerland; the attention and curiosity that was given to every participant was deeply moving…’